Medical BioMagnetism Could be a New Way to Deal with Pathogens

A Greenbrae vibrational medicine practitioner says that we can help deal with our epidemic of pathogens using the PH-neutralizing power of magnets.

Disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi are becoming more aggressive and multiplying fast, Marin health practitioner Dr. Maria Kish says.

“It’s an epidemic,” says Kish, a vibrational or energy medicine practitioner who has just opened an office in Greenbrae where she addresses and eliminates such pathogens using a process called Medical BioMagnetism. Kish says the pathogens, which are often resistant to antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs, are teaming up to present as a veritable panoply of troubling and often difficult-to-treat conditions. Those include Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, chronic fatigue, mononucleosis, Lyme, meningitis, flu, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, AIDs and many more chronic, puzzling illnesses.

“The focus of Medical BioMagnetism is to restore the cellular pH balance between alkaline and acidic,” Kish says. She uses pairs of magnets — one negative, one positive – to restore the cellular pH in various organs or body locations, thereby depriving the pathogens of the extreme pH environment they need to thrive.

Kish, 51, of San Anselmo, who has just been selected for a role in an upcoming documentary on modern approaches to natural health, uses a protocol developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz, a medical doctor in Mexico. A chiropractor in San Francisco for 20 years, she took a break from her practice about four years ago to study with Goiz, while also helping her husband, Chef Duilio Valenti, open Valenti & Co. Italian restaurant in San Anselmo. “Dr. Goiz was healing AIDS patients in 1988,” Kish says. After learning Medical BioMagnetism, and using it to successfully treat patient after patient, (without drugs or invasive therapies and with an average of only two to five sessions per patient), Kish is convinced that the world needs to know about this therapy now, as more and more stubborn diseases are presenting in people who are finding no help in conventional medicine.

Of particular note in the growing “epidemic” is the borrelia bacteria, a spiral-shaped bacteria that is responsible for Lyme disease and which was previously thought to come only from tick bites. Kish and other practitioners are finding borrelia coming from other insect bites, including spiders, flies, fleas and mosquitoes – not to mention via saliva in kissing or from exchanging bodily fluids in sexual intercourse. In addition, borrelia is being found in other conditions, not just Lyme. The bacteria, she says, is now known to carry up to 400 co-infections, but many physicians may not realize this and may just be treating the presenting pathogen.

For example, a patient with irritable bowel syndrome might receive a treatment for the known IBS pathogen but fail to receive treatment for the borrelia bacteria, and the person will not get well, Kish says. Borrelia also does not respond to antibiotics because it develops a biofilm, or a hard covering, around it. Energy or vibrational medicine can penetrate the biofilm. “The pairs of magnets will neutralize the disease-causing pathogens in the body,” she says.

Medical BioMagnetism has no side effects – although there could be some temporary re-emergence of symptoms after a session as the pathogens die off. Once the detoxification is complete, the symptoms will ease and the patient will feel significant relief. Because of the effects of detoxification on the body’s energy frequencies, the protocol is contraindicated for cancer patients who have had chemotherapy or radiation or for people who have pacemakers.

Kish said she realizes that some people may be skeptical about vibrational medicine because it does not involve touching the body or administering drugs. However, she notes that the body’s own electrical current is responsible for a heart beating or lungs working – and that electrical current can be contacted and used to balance the body with Medical BioMagnetism.

For more information, contact Dr. Maria Kish at 415-233-3528 or at Her office is located at Ste. 280, 350 Bon Air Road, Greenbrae.

Marin Magazine : January 2019

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