About Ed Japngie




Hi, my name is Ed and I have studied and practiced several natural healing modalities over the past 30 years. 

My interest in this field started when I was still very young.  I was fascinated with the inner workings of what I thought was the brain.  Later I realized that what I was actually interested in had more to do with the mind and what that was all about vs how the brain functions. 

My current focus on healing has been part of a long road in my research to find a way to completely eliminate HSV outbreaks forever.  I have always known it was possible to accomplish but for the longest time I could only find ways to short circuit the active cycle of the viral outbreak but that just wasn’t good enough.

I had personally contracted HSV2 a long time ago and over the years it appeared to escalate and just get worse.  Outbreaks were happening more frequently and as time progressed they showing up in places they had never been before.  Although I knew in the back of my mind I would some day figure out how to stop this vicious cycle, at the time there was no information readily available on how that could be accomplished.  All published information on the topic just did not resonate with me and so I had to wait … a long, long time.

When I heard about Medical Bio-Magnetism I intuitively knew that this would be a key piece to my puzzle in dealing with the elimination of herpes outbreaks.  I had studied and gotten certified in several other healing modalities over the years and found that by using a very specific combination of various modalities I could achieve my objective of completely eliminating all forms of herpes outbreaks. 

I have been free of HSV1, HSV2 and shingles outbreaks for over 3 years now.  I knew I had HSV1 & 2 but I didn’t realize that some of the outbreaks I was experiencing was actually attributed to the active presence of shingles. 

I couldn’t be happier and it has become my vision and mission to share my new found freedom with others who are ready to move on to reset the clock back to the way your body was before that nasty virus got into you and started wreaking havoc like it did for me.


“I have known Ed for quite some time so I was very excited when he began doing magnet treatments for herpes cause I’ve been dealing with herpes outbreaks of one sort or another my whole life and I’m now in my 60s. ……..

It took about 5 weeks to complete all the sessions and neither me nor my wife have not had an outbreak of any sort in over 3 years.  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this blessing.