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I am very happy to say that everything Ed said about no more breakouts was true!

I was haunted by breakouts when ever my life got very stressful, which was always at the worse possible time.  I didn’t believe him at first… so I tried changing my diet and adding more supplements to boost my immune.  My breakouts went from every other month to 3 times a year.  Still too much!

I decided to invest in myself and trust Ed.   

I think it was after the 2nd treatment I experienced a small breakout.  He explained it was my body reaction to removing the virus.   After the 4th treatment I experienced a major life altering event in my work life.  I would have had a breakout and guess what NOTHING! 

Kept waiting for it.  Still clear.  I am proud to say I have been clear of breakouts for close to 2 years now.  

 Thank you Ed for being patient with my doubts but always being professional and kind.    And most importantly thank you for taking this awful embarrassing virus away.  

Trust him… invest in yourself stop the pain!  
Call Ed today!  



When I was first introduced to Ed I was very sick with Lyme and a multitude of other viruses, bacteria, pathogens.  I had no energy or stamina.  After one or two sessions with Ed I noticed a significant increase in both energy and stamina. 

Since working with Ed my symptoms have been all but been eliminated.  He is very knowledgeable about how the body works and what works for your body.  He is very attentive and interested in how you are progressing and what else he can do to help. 

I would highly recommend trying Ed’s methods for bringing your health back to where it should be!


I have known Ed for quite some time so I was very excited when he began doing magnet treatments for herpes cause I’ve been dealing with herpes outbreaks of one sort or another my whole life and I’m now in my 60s. 

When I began doing sessions I had had cold sore outbreaks since I was a child.  I also had genital herpes since the 1980s which had gotten worse and worse over the years.  

I was told that I had several strains of genital herpes and that was why it had gotten worse over the years.  He said not to worry because all the strains would be neutralized by the time we had completed the sessions.  It was also suggested that I bring my wife in to check if she also had herpes which I knew she did.  I ended up having my wife do the herpes remediation too so that I would not end up getting reinfected by her.  

It took about 5 weeks to complete all the sessions and neither me nor my wife have not had an outbreak of any sort in over 3 years.  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this blessing.  

Before Ed I thought for sure we were stuck with this forever and that there would never be an alternative to having to take zovirax forever.  I am so happy to be off all the medication. 

Thank you Ed from the bottom of my heart for giving me peace of mind.


When a friend told me she knew a guy who could stop my herpes outbreaks I thought, ‘Yeah right.’  After an hour on the phone asking questions and realizing the science was way over my head I thought, ‘Well… I have nothing to lose.’  I didn’t know where I’d contracted it since my mother had it, too. 

My first outbreak happened when I was in my early 20s during a severe cold and had only been with one partner.  I couldn’t find answers online and I started to feel like no one really had an interest in stopping outbreaks without intense and expensive medications. 

I was praying for anything that would work — someone who cared — woo woo — placebo — whatever!  I was sick of feeling insecure and not good enough.  I was on pins and needles, afraid of rejection, whenever it was time to have ‘the talk’ with my boyfriend before we became intimate. 

Whenever I had that tingle that preceded an outbreak, I was filled with dread and shame.  I did my best to eat healthy and manage my stress but after a week of intense work, I was feeling the tingle and called to make an emergency appointment that same day. 

The tingle never materialized into an outbreak and I haven’t had an outbreak since. (6 months and counting)  Can I explain it?  Nope!  I’m just relieved and I trust implicitly the technique. 

I’ve referred a few people since and they have had remarkable turnarounds in their health, all with conditions different than mine and in some cases, even life threatening illnesses. 

This technique will be my secret weapon to a healthy and free life!

Kelly W.

“The magnet therapy goes against everything that modern medicine has taught us about healing and I was very skeptical but after years of pain and discomfort and exhausting all my options I decided I had to at least try it.

It works exactly how Ed says it will work. It’s mind blowing and had I not experienced it myself I wouldn’t believe it. It makes me question everything I’ve learned about the herpes virus since I contracted it. Ed is with you every step of the way via text or phone. It’s very easy to get ahold of him and he has done multiple surrogate sessions on me in 2 weeks that have all provided relief instantly or by the next day at the latest. I’m really glad I took a chance and got the magnet therapy for myself.

I would recommend it to anyone in my position. “